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DA Member of Provincial Parliament Chairperson of Petitions Committee Member of Budget Committee, Transport and Public Works, Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning Alternate Member of Human Settlements Committee, Economic Opportunities, Tourism and Agriculture, Member of Chairpersons Committee


1st of March 2017

School Ablution Facilities in poorer schools are often neglected by the School.

On a recent oversight visit to several schools in Mitchells Plain 1 Constituency I found that the toilets in Tafelsig, Oval North, Lentegeur were not in good condition.

I enquired at a Parliamentary Committee on Education to Mr. Archie Lewis, Chief Director for Infrastructure, what more can be done by the department?

He indicated that “government cannot be in a permanent maintenance mode”. He further indicated that “schools should take responsibility and also ensure that toilets are locked after school to ensure vandals or those that want to vandal the school don’t have access to it.”

At Portland High School an initiative led by no other than Mrs Farieda Moses (Chairperson of the School Governing Body) shows what can be done if leaders take the task into their own hands. The fact that it was led by the Chairperson of the School Governing Body shows how serious they are taking the matter.

I would recommend to the Provincial Minister of Education, Debbie Schaefer that a similar model be looked into so that other schools ablution facilities can also be in excellent condition. They can also use the knowledge of all these Ablution Experts to do site visits and establish more clubs at Schools in the Western Cape.

I was impressed with what they have achieved and hope that the model can be duplicated in other schools as well. Their school performed so well that Learners from Portlands High School was selected to be part of the South African delegation to an International School Sanitation Conference in New Delhi, India- the objective of the conference was to establish a Global Sanitation Club to share best practices and collaborate to address School Sanitation challenges.

Following the establishing of the Global Sanitation Club, the conference resolved to host its inaugural International Club Conference in Cape Town during 2017.

I would like to congratulate these learners on their exemplary achievement. I also commend them on their commitment to sharing best practice with neighbouring schools.

Ricardo Mackenzie

Member of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament

DA Constituency Head for Mitchells Plain 1



Dear Colleagues/Friends/Activists and all peace loving and democracy loving South Africans

Welcome to 2017

Wishing you and your families a happy new year. I want to take this opportunity to thank all our supporters for their wonderful support through all the years. We will continue to strive to improve the lives of all people in Mitchellsplain & Greater Cape Town regardless of who you voted for.

As a government once you are elected you serve all the people. We are looking forward to an exciting 2017 and hope I an the team in Mitchellsplain 1 can be of great assistance to you.

Lets not loose focus, we can make South Africa a better Country with all your support.



Dear Editor

Toilets in schools are often neglected by the School.

On a recent unannounced visit to several schools in Mitchells Plain I found that the toilets in Tafelsig, Oval North, Lentegeur were not in good condition.

Government does not have the resources to be in a permanent maintenance mode. Schools need to take responsibility and also ensure that toilets are locked after school to ensure vandals don’t have access to it.

At Portland High School an initiative led by Mrs Farieda Moses (Chairperson of the School Governing Body) shows what can be done if leaders take the task into their own hands.

They formed the “I am possible club”. This club consisted of learners from the school who firstly brained stormed and then initiated practices that ensured that their school toilets remained in pristine condition at all times. The club had a duty roster to ensure that toilets were permanently monitored and cleaned when found dirty.

They formed a relationship with Sulabh International, the world’s largest Sanitation NGO, which was founded in India in 1970 to address India’s sanitation crisis and has since expanded its school sanitation programme to several countries including South Africa.

The success of the ‘I am possible club’ led to learners from Portlands High School being selected to be part of the South African delegation to an International School Sanitation Conference in India, where the objective of the conference was to establish a Global Sanitation Club to share best practises and collaborate to address School Sanitation challenges

Portland High School should stand as an example for how other schools can solve their ablution facilities problems.

I would like to congratulate these learners on their exemplary achievement. I also commend them on their commitment to sharing best practice with neighbouring schools.

Ricardo Mackenzie
Member of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament
DA Constituency Head for Mitchells Plain 1

Open Letter to Madiba

Dear Tata Madiba

I am sorry for disturbing your peace in heaven. Hope you, Walter Sisulu, O.R.Tambo and many other leaders of the #ANC  are enjoying your “retirement” in heaven.
Tata, I have to tell you that the beautiful rainbow nation you envisaged and indeed helped to create, is no more. Rampant looting is taking place. The current President is not living up to expectations. He is leading us down the wrong path.

He is hurting our economy. He recently cost the economy R225 Billion and doesn’t even care.

This money could have been used to create jobs, and to help provide for the poor. Or to build schools. It hurts ,Tata, it really hurts.

Our country is bleeding. Mr Zuma has reached the point of no return. We never expected him or Mbeki to reach your level. You forged a great country which Mbeki, with all his faults, took forward. I am scared that our beautiful country is going to burn soon. People are angry and Mr Zuma doesn’t care. I apologise again for bothering you in heaven but as I write this letter I realize we can be silent no more. Too many people have been silent, for too long. Mr. Zuma has surrounded himself with yes men in his cabinet who don’t care and who are not advising him of the impact of his decisions that he makes. It took a young Sisulu to stand up to Zuma and I know Walter must be proud of his grandson for taking the baton of leadership forward. Speaking truth to power is the most difficult thing to do but someone must do it. 

I don’t know what I expect from you but please pray for us. As someone who once worked in the Presidency, I am saddened about what has happened. Polokwane was a terrible mistake. 

I hope the good men and women  left in the world speak out publicly on what Zuma is doing. His actions are selfish , self-serving and not in the interests of this country. I love this beautiful country  like all South Africans and only want what is best for this country. Mr President we South Africans  love and miss you. I know you once said the first thing you will do when you get to heaven is to join the #ANC. I am asking you as a #ANC member in heaven to hopefully speak through prayers to Mr Zuma to resign. The damage he has done to our country is irreparable. We have lost all credibility. The rainbow nation you once envisaged is no more. We have become the laughing stock of the world. We made the front page of the Financial Times or all the wrong reasons. Our reputation as a country that respects human rights and its Constitution, is in tatters.

In the words of the late Brenda Fassie who probably keeps you all entertained up there: “We miss you Mandela where are you.”

Ricardo Mackenzie
DA Member of Western Cape Parliament and former ANC Member.

Liewe Tata Madiba

Liewe Tata Madiba

Ek is jammer dat ek jou vrede in die hemel versteur. Ek hoop van harte dat jy, Walter Sisulu, O.R.Tambo en baie ander leiers van die #ANC  hul “aftrede” in die hemel geniet.
Tata, ek moet vir jou sê dat die pragtige reënboognasie waaroor jy gedroom het en inderdaad help skep het, nie meer bestaan nie. Daar word links en regs geplunder. Die huidige President kom nie die mas op nie. Hy lei ons in die verkeerde rigting.

Hy maak ons ekonomie seer. Hy het die ekonomie onlangs R225 miljard gekos en gee nie ‘n duit om nie.

Hierdie geld kon vir werkskepping gebruik word, en om die armes se lot te help verbeter. Of vir die bou van skole. Dit maak seer, Tata, regtig seer.

Ons land bloei. Mnr. Zuma kan nie al die skade wat hy berokken het, ongedaan maak nie. Ons het nooit verwag dat hy of mnr. Mbeki jou vlak sou bereik nie. Jy het ‘n wonderlike land geskep waarop Mbeki, ten spyte van al sy tekortkominge, voortgebou het. Ek is bang dat ons pragtige land binnekort gaan brand. Die mense is kwaad, en mnr. Zuma steur hom nie aan hulle nie. Ek vra weer om verskoning dat ek jou in die hemel steur maar ek het besef dat ons eenvoudig net nie langer kan swyg nie. Te veel mense was nou te lank stil. Mnr. Zuma het hom met ja-broers in sy Kabinet omring – mense wat ook nie omgee nie en wat hom nie waarsku oor die impak van sy besluite nie. Dit het ‘n jong Sisulu geverg om teen Zuma op te staan, en ek weet dat Walter trots moet wees dat sy kleinseun die vaandel van leierskap opgeneem het. Dit is baie moeilik om diegene in magsposisies met die waarheid te konfronteer, maar iemand moet dit doen. 

Ek weet nie wat ek van jou kan verwag nie, maar vra dat jy asseblief vir ons bid. Ek het ook op ‘n slag in die Presidensie gewerk, en is des te meer gegrief oor wat van ons land geword het. Polokwane was ‘n gruwelike fout.

Ek hoop dat die goeie mans en vrouens in die wêreld in die openbaar hul renons teen wat Zuma aanvang, sal uitspreek. Sy aksies is selfsugtig en nie in ons land se belang nie. Soos alle Suid-Afrikaners het ek my land baie lief, en ek wil net die beste vir my land hê. Meneer die President, ons Suid-Afrikaners is lief vir jou, en ons verlang na jou. Ek weet dat jy eendag gesê het dat die eerste ding wat jy gaan doen wanneer jy in die hemel aankom, is om by die #ANC aan te sluit. Ek vra dat jy, as ‘n #ANC lid in die hemel, jou gebede gebruik om tot mnr. Zuma deur te dring en hom oortuig om uit te tree. Hy het ons land onherroeplik beskadig. Ons het alle kredietwaardigheid verloor. Die reënboognasie waarna jy gehunker het, bestaan nie meer nie. Die ganse wêreld lag vir ons. Ons pronk op die voorblad van die Financial Times, maar om al die verkeerde redes. Ons reputasie as ‘n land wat menseregte en ons Grondwet respekteer, lê aan skerwe.

Ek haal graag die ontslape Brenda Fassie aan, omdat sy julle waarskynlik daar bo in die hemel vermaak: “Ons verlang na jou, Mandela, waar is jy.”

Ricardo Mackenzie

“I love my Country.”


I love my country.

I do not have a second passport and do not want one. South Africa is my home – the only one that I have known since birth. It is where I want to be when I die. These passions compel me to fight for a better South Africa.

Because I love South Africa, I am dedicating my life to one of public service. Our country needs people who value honesty, transparency, accountability, principled leadership, fairness and hard work above all else.

I love our young country because of its beautiful, diverse people. I love the fact that we can love and hate each other at the same time. I love the contradictions that our country sometimes has to offer. The face of South Africa is a multi-faceted and optimistic one. A young face that yearns for a brighter future.

1505422_1576142172602387_8955708896896150379_nOur country is only 21 years old. A youthful democracy that needs to be guided and nurtured. It is our responsibility to help South Africa to be a great place in which to work, and to raise a family.
I love all of my country – for better or worse. I could elaborate on the worse, but everyone is well aware of the challenges we face. We need to focus on a vision of a better South Africa.

A great South Africa would be guided and led by accountability. This transparency would be born out of a deep love for all the people of this diverse land. Our country is one that can move forward and become a world leader in progressive, freedom-loving governance – the type envisioned by our forefathers. However, our efforts are encumbered by are leaders who appear to have forgotten the dream out of which our great social compact, the Constitution of South Africa, was born.

South Africa is hurt by growing pains. The greedy and self serving are forgetting the vision to which Biko, Kathrada, Mandela, Sisulu, Suzman and many others dedicated their lives in helping to bring about the society we know today.

I cannot stand by whilst the country that I love regresses toward an abyss we never thought would threaten South Africa. For too long many good men and women have sat back whilst our country has been taken down the wrong path.

I want to help build a Great South Africa for all. I want to be part of a team that can take my country down the path of better freedom and more opportunity.

Our young country is at the most crucial stage of its life. Our country needs me, and you, and our neighbours to be united in the face of all that is wrong.

I love my Country. I want South Africa to be a place of great opportunity and success.

This is why I have accepted a nomination to stand as deputy chairperson of the Democratic Alliance Cape Metro Region.

There are many who like to forget that Cape Town is just as South African as any other city in the country. Yet whilst many South Africans across the country are losing hope, Cape Town is inspiring hope through opportunity.

The challenge of keeping Cape Town great is one that all freedom-loving Capetonians must embrace and defend.

We need to unite Capetonians from all communities and backgrounds, and keep our city on the path of progress and reconciliation. 

If we don’t stand up, stand together, and stand for change now, we may not be able to further our goal of making Cape Town and South Africa great.

The fight to keep Cape Town great is the fight to return the Democratic Alliance to government in 2016. 

I am committed to help guide the DA down the path we know is the right one – the path to keeping Cape Town great.

*** Ricardo Mackenzie is a Democratic Alliance Member of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament, and contesting the position of deputy chairperson of the DA Cape Metro Region

Ricardo Mackenzie for Deputy Metro Chairperson

ricardoFellow Democrats

Today I am announcing my candidacy for the position of Deputy Chairperson of the Metro. I believe that I can add energy to the Metro Executive. I will call each of you personally to introduce myself and my thoughts around what is required to better the already sterling work the Metro is doing in the   Western Cape.

I would also encourage you to please get in contact me with so that I can share my ideas with you.Much was done but one can always do more. It is time for all of us to get involved in the changing of the lives of others and their perceptions.Today I am asking you to get involve.


Cell Number 078 564 5341.  Email me at

My public representative position is Member of Provincial Parliament. I serve as the Chairperson of the Cultural Affairs and Sport Portfolio. I also serve the community of Mitchellsplain as the co-constituency head.

I also serve on the Portfolio Committee of Education, the Premier’s Committee, Budget Committee, Petitions Committee and alternate committee on the Health Committee and Social Development.

Speech – Annual Report of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sports

Madam Speaker, it is important to empower our youth and communities through positive sporting activities. The engagement with different sporting codes has proven to be a powerful mechanism in combatting social ills within our communities and affords youth opportunities to excel, despite the many challenges they face on a daily basis. This, in turn sparks a sense of achievement and optimizes social behaviour and in effect promotes social cohesion, which is indeed lacking in some parts of our country.

This said Madam Speaker, the Standing Committee and Cultural Affairs commends the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport for ensuring a socially inclusive, creative and active Western Cape. The 2013/2014 Annual Report highlighted the different achievements which prove that the department has delivered on their strategic objectives and that there is strong synergy between good corporate governance and effective service delivery.

Madam Speaker, the Standing Committee commends the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport, amongst others, for:
1. Receiving a clean audit for the 2013/14 financial year. Only two of the nine provincial sport, arts and culture departments received a clean audit.
2. Receiving the Best Project: Mass Participation (Social Sector) award during the national Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) Kamoso Awards event.
3. Receiving a Public Service Commission (PSC) Professional Ethics Award. DCAS was judged to be the second best department in South Africa with regard to promoting ethics and integrity.
4. Receiving an award for being South Africa’s second best-run government department in the Strategic Management category of the MPAT (Management Performance Assessment Tool) Awards of the Department of Performance Monitoring and Evaluation in the Presidency (DPME). Only departments that have no Auditor-General of South Africa (AGSA) findings on predetermined performance objectives (PDOs) are considered for such an award.

In the year under review, all 116 performance indicators were FULLY achieved. Major DCAS achievements included:
• Providing support to 110 sport organisations in the Western Province, Boland, South Western Districts and West Coast regions;
• Providing transfer payments to 78 arts and culture organisations;
• Supporting major cultural events such as the Absa Klein Karoo Nasional Kunstefees (KKNK), the Cape Town Carnival, Die Burger Suidoosterfees and the Cape Town International Jazz Festival;
• Supporting 353 library centres to deliver a library service and promote a culture of reading and learning;
• Supporting major events which included the CHAN (African Nations Championship) football tournament, the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Momentum Cycle Tour and the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon;
• Establishing the EPWP programme in all line function components;
• Launching the chess, cycling and netball “revolutions” in the Western Cape;

Madame Speaker we commend the MEC for continuing to streamline the operation of the MOD Programme which enables young people to participate in sports, arts and culture activities after school;

We commend the MEC for Expanding the rural library connectivity project to 121 rural communities in the Western Cape;
We commend the MEC for Increasing the reach of the “wheelie wagons” mobile libraries project to provide access to library services in underserviced rural areas;

We commend the MEC for streamlining the process of funding cultural organisations and sport federations;
Madame Speaker, we also note that job creation in the sport and recreation industry is being created via the MOD Programme;

• Forging various partnerships with other spheres of government nationally and internationally and with civil society organisations; and
• Hosting very successful Western Cape Sport Awards and Western Cape Cultural Awards events.

Madam Speaker, with all these accolades, there is always room for improvement. The Standing Committee would like to encourage the department to fill vacancies timeously to avoid any future impact on service delivery. Minister Mbombo and per Predecessor and her hardworking department from all organisational levels.

We wish them continued success and to carry on inspiring not only our youth but our province as a whole with positive alternatives so that they can live lives they value.

I thank you.

Speech – Education

Madame Speaker. Education is the bedrock of raising a society. Without education there is no society and without society there is no education.

Education takes form in various shapes and sizes. Today for example I will be giving the honourable member Paulsen a lesson on informal education which he duly needs.

We live in a society that is Government driven. The ANC led Government has unfortunately made the people of this country government depended.

His question is whether her Department has any plans regarding learners who do not complete their formal education? The consistent question WHAT IS GOVERNMENT DOING FOR US? THE ME MENTALITY.
The Question of the Honourable member is continuing with this momentum. GOVERNMENT; GOVERNMENT; GOVERNMENT. LIKE GOVERNMENT IS THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA.

Government set the Policy Framework Honourable Paulsen and the Education Department has done a great job in doing that.Government must of course create the environment for people to study and ensure they are at school.
JFK once said “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”
The Honourable Paulsen should be asked what HE has done to assist.

I can tell you Honourable Paulsen, what I have done.

I was driving in my constituency (Mitchellsplain) like a normally do and saw a lot of kids playing on the street. I stopped and asked them why are you not at school. They gave me all sort of stories. In the end I took a name of all these students and as far as I know some of them are back at school.

Parents have a responsibility to ensure their kids are raised. School come first and parents must ensure that kids get to schoolI think the honourable should also ask what he can do for kids who do not formally finish school. It is a collective responsibility.

The Western Cape Government has created conditions conducive for kids to study at school, the rest is now up to the parents and society as a collective.

So back to JFK “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”