Statement – Currie Cup Final

With Chester Williams and the Currie CupThe Currie Cup is one of the most Oldest and Prestigious Rugby Competition in the World. The Currie Cup Final are always a special moment in South Africa’s Sport Calendar. I venture to say it is one of the most competitive leagues of Rugby in the World if not the most competitive. Sport as you know is one of the most Unifying factors in our Society.

The Western Cultural Affairs and Sport wishes to congratulate the Western Province team good luck in their final against the Lions. This is now one of many times that Province as they are affectionately known as has played in the Finals. This shown that Rugby development in the Western Cape has grown from strength to strength and that Province is certainly one of the best teams in the country and certainly the most Successful.

We wishes Province well for this Final and certainly hope that they will bring the Currie cup home. When the Western Cape won the Curry Cup in 2012 in Kwazulu Natal people thought it was a fluke as this was the first time since 2001 that the Western Cape has won the Curry Cup.

This year the Western Cape has again showed why it is one of the best teams in the Country. The quality of rugby that they are playing has been unmatched this season. It is commonly known that since 1892, the Western Province has won this tournament 32 (28 straight wins and 4 shared wins) times and we hope that we can make this 33 times. The Western Cape have won the Currie Cup the most times of all teams and we are confident they will do us proud on Saturday.
We know that they are ready for the Challenge and ask the Western Province Faithfull to play their part. This is an amazing opportunity for the Western Cape to come together like we did last week when Chiefs Played Ajay and thousands of fans descended to Cape Town Stadium. This is an opportunity for the Western Province players to shine to show why more Western Province players deserve to be in the Springbok team that will be touring Europe in a couple of weeks time.

Let us welcome our Visitors, the Lions and we wish them the best of luck. To the Western province, make us proud. We also encourage fans to enjoy responsibly.

To the Newlands Faithfull, take the Cup with Grace.

To the Management, Coach, Captain and Team we wish you the best of luck and know that you will do the Newlands Faithfull and the Western Cape proud.