“I love my Country.”


I love my country.

I do not have a second passport and do not want one. South Africa is my home – the only one that I have known since birth. It is where I want to be when I die. These passions compel me to fight for a better South Africa.

Because I love South Africa, I am dedicating my life to one of public service. Our country needs people who value honesty, transparency, accountability, principled leadership, fairness and hard work above all else.

I love our young country because of its beautiful, diverse people. I love the fact that we can love and hate each other at the same time. I love the contradictions that our country sometimes has to offer. The face of South Africa is a multi-faceted and optimistic one. A young face that yearns for a brighter future.

1505422_1576142172602387_8955708896896150379_nOur country is only 21 years old. A youthful democracy that needs to be guided and nurtured. It is our responsibility to help South Africa to be a great place in which to work, and to raise a family.
I love all of my country – for better or worse. I could elaborate on the worse, but everyone is well aware of the challenges we face. We need to focus on a vision of a better South Africa.

A great South Africa would be guided and led by accountability. This transparency would be born out of a deep love for all the people of this diverse land. Our country is one that can move forward and become a world leader in progressive, freedom-loving governance – the type envisioned by our forefathers. However, our efforts are encumbered by are leaders who appear to have forgotten the dream out of which our great social compact, the Constitution of South Africa, was born.

South Africa is hurt by growing pains. The greedy and self serving are forgetting the vision to which Biko, Kathrada, Mandela, Sisulu, Suzman and many others dedicated their lives in helping to bring about the society we know today.

I cannot stand by whilst the country that I love regresses toward an abyss we never thought would threaten South Africa. For too long many good men and women have sat back whilst our country has been taken down the wrong path.

I want to help build a Great South Africa for all. I want to be part of a team that can take my country down the path of better freedom and more opportunity.

Our young country is at the most crucial stage of its life. Our country needs me, and you, and our neighbours to be united in the face of all that is wrong.

I love my Country. I want South Africa to be a place of great opportunity and success.

This is why I have accepted a nomination to stand as deputy chairperson of the Democratic Alliance Cape Metro Region.

There are many who like to forget that Cape Town is just as South African as any other city in the country. Yet whilst many South Africans across the country are losing hope, Cape Town is inspiring hope through opportunity.

The challenge of keeping Cape Town great is one that all freedom-loving Capetonians must embrace and defend.

We need to unite Capetonians from all communities and backgrounds, and keep our city on the path of progress and reconciliation. 

If we don’t stand up, stand together, and stand for change now, we may not be able to further our goal of making Cape Town and South Africa great.

The fight to keep Cape Town great is the fight to return the Democratic Alliance to government in 2016. 

I am committed to help guide the DA down the path we know is the right one – the path to keeping Cape Town great.

*** Ricardo Mackenzie is a Democratic Alliance Member of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament, and contesting the position of deputy chairperson of the DA Cape Metro Region