Open Letter to Madiba

Dear Tata Madiba

I am sorry for disturbing your peace in heaven. Hope you, Walter Sisulu, O.R.Tambo and many other leaders of the #ANC  are enjoying your “retirement” in heaven.
Tata, I have to tell you that the beautiful rainbow nation you envisaged and indeed helped to create, is no more. Rampant looting is taking place. The current President is not living up to expectations. He is leading us down the wrong path.

He is hurting our economy. He recently cost the economy R225 Billion and doesn’t even care.

This money could have been used to create jobs, and to help provide for the poor. Or to build schools. It hurts ,Tata, it really hurts.

Our country is bleeding. Mr Zuma has reached the point of no return. We never expected him or Mbeki to reach your level. You forged a great country which Mbeki, with all his faults, took forward. I am scared that our beautiful country is going to burn soon. People are angry and Mr Zuma doesn’t care. I apologise again for bothering you in heaven but as I write this letter I realize we can be silent no more. Too many people have been silent, for too long. Mr. Zuma has surrounded himself with yes men in his cabinet who don’t care and who are not advising him of the impact of his decisions that he makes. It took a young Sisulu to stand up to Zuma and I know Walter must be proud of his grandson for taking the baton of leadership forward. Speaking truth to power is the most difficult thing to do but someone must do it. 

I don’t know what I expect from you but please pray for us. As someone who once worked in the Presidency, I am saddened about what has happened. Polokwane was a terrible mistake. 

I hope the good men and women  left in the world speak out publicly on what Zuma is doing. His actions are selfish , self-serving and not in the interests of this country. I love this beautiful country  like all South Africans and only want what is best for this country. Mr President we South Africans  love and miss you. I know you once said the first thing you will do when you get to heaven is to join the #ANC. I am asking you as a #ANC member in heaven to hopefully speak through prayers to Mr Zuma to resign. The damage he has done to our country is irreparable. We have lost all credibility. The rainbow nation you once envisaged is no more. We have become the laughing stock of the world. We made the front page of the Financial Times or all the wrong reasons. Our reputation as a country that respects human rights and its Constitution, is in tatters.

In the words of the late Brenda Fassie who probably keeps you all entertained up there: “We miss you Mandela where are you.”

Ricardo Mackenzie
DA Member of Western Cape Parliament and former ANC Member.