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Speech – Culture, Values & Accountability.

Madame Speaker culture can broadly be described as the way of life of a specific group of people. It can be seen in ways of behaving, beliefs, values, customs followed, amongst others. Culture has been called “the way of life for an entire society”.

This brings into question the culture of South Africa as a whole. I encourage the members present to think about:
The culture of democracy in South Africa today and;
The culture of accountability;

I am sure the very thoughts of these cultures have disheartened many in this house, the province, country as a whole and the world at large.

Madame Speaker, since 2009, in the Western Cape, we have become accustomed to a culture of constitutionality, accountability and overall good clean governance. Annual reports, investment attraction and the increasing number of individuals in search of better prospects into the Western Cape bears witness to this culture.

Speaker, Chapter 1 of our constitution states “The Republic of South Africa is one sovereign, democratic state founded on the following values:
a) Human dignity, the achievement of equality and the advancement of human rights and freedoms.
b) Supremacy of the constitution and the rule of law and
c) Universal adult suffrage, a national common voter’s roll, regular elections and a multi-party system of democratic government, to ensure accountability, responsiveness and openness”.

On paper, it appears we have the most progressive culture in the world, but in reality, the supreme law of our constitution is being violated by the national leaders and ruling party who ought to protect and be guided by it.

Speaker, in reality:
We have a ruling party which closes democratic space in our National Parliament and a President who refuse to be held accountable as stated by the Constitution. (Nkandla Whitewash bears witness to this culture.)

The DA does not and never will accept this culture and pretty soon (2016 and 2019) the rest of the country will not either and show their rejection at the voting polls as the majority has done in the Western Cape.

It’s high time that the Ruling Party realise it is not about them but about the future of our Grandchildren.

Statement – Currie Cup Final

With Chester Williams and the Currie CupThe Currie Cup is one of the most Oldest and Prestigious Rugby Competition in the World. The Currie Cup Final are always a special moment in South Africa’s Sport Calendar. I venture to say it is one of the most competitive leagues of Rugby in the World if not the most competitive. Sport as you know is one of the most Unifying factors in our Society.

The Western Cultural Affairs and Sport wishes to congratulate the Western Province team good luck in their final against the Lions. This is now one of many times that Province as they are affectionately known as has played in the Finals. This shown that Rugby development in the Western Cape has grown from strength to strength and that Province is certainly one of the best teams in the country and certainly the most Successful.

We wishes Province well for this Final and certainly hope that they will bring the Currie cup home. When the Western Cape won the Curry Cup in 2012 in Kwazulu Natal people thought it was a fluke as this was the first time since 2001 that the Western Cape has won the Curry Cup.

This year the Western Cape has again showed why it is one of the best teams in the Country. The quality of rugby that they are playing has been unmatched this season. It is commonly known that since 1892, the Western Province has won this tournament 32 (28 straight wins and 4 shared wins) times and we hope that we can make this 33 times. The Western Cape have won the Currie Cup the most times of all teams and we are confident they will do us proud on Saturday.
We know that they are ready for the Challenge and ask the Western Province Faithfull to play their part. This is an amazing opportunity for the Western Cape to come together like we did last week when Chiefs Played Ajay and thousands of fans descended to Cape Town Stadium. This is an opportunity for the Western Province players to shine to show why more Western Province players deserve to be in the Springbok team that will be touring Europe in a couple of weeks time.

Let us welcome our Visitors, the Lions and we wish them the best of luck. To the Western province, make us proud. We also encourage fans to enjoy responsibly.

To the Newlands Faithfull, take the Cup with Grace.

To the Management, Coach, Captain and Team we wish you the best of luck and know that you will do the Newlands Faithfull and the Western Cape proud.

Speech – South African Open Pool Championship

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the opening of the South African open Pool Championship. I am especially humbled to stand before both men and ladies from across the country, from different provinces to compete for the South African Open Pool Championship title.

With the Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sports’ purpose in mind, which is to optimise social behaviour through sports and recreation, it is clear that Pool Billiards South Africa has contributed to this objective.

I am heartened to personally witness the funding allocated from the Department to Western Cape Federations, such as Western Cape Blackball, has not gone squandered, and that some of those beneficiaries are among you here today.

I take this opportunity to remind you that you are not only the best pool players in South Africa but also contributing to the socio-economic development of the country as a whole. Our communities need good role models like you, who can lead by example, through sport and other areas of life. Your expertise in the game of pool brings about much discipline and commitment, which is often lacking in our societies. Through your success, your commitment and discipline have a ripple-effect on the younger generation, even if unknowingly.

So ladies and gentlemen, I wish you all the best of luck, not as if you need it, but nonetheless. I also urge you to continue to be the positive role models to the youth in your communities, because we are all aware of the adversities with which they are faced on a daily basis.

To conclude, how many pool players does it take to screw in a light bulb? 10, 1 to screw it in and 9 to say ‘phhttt, I could do that!’ ”

Statement – Muizenberg Festival 2014

Democratic Alliance Press Statement by
Ricardo Mackenzie MPP
DA Western Cape Spokesperson for Cultural Affairs and Sport


The DA welcomes the Muizenberg Festival 2014 scheduled to take place from the 5 October until 11 October 2014. This week-long festival includes music concerts, workshops, expos and exhibitions. As this festival is scheduled during the school holidays it affords parents the opportunity to spend time with their children outdoors. During this festival which takes place days after heritage month, it shows that heritage is not only about braaing but also about arts and cultural affairs. The Muizenberg Festival 2014 will showcase many of these. The DA hopes that this festival will bring many families together and contribute to the social cohesion of the Western Cape as a whole.

People can experience the following at this festival:

  • A walking tour through Muizenberg led by a master story teller,
  • Intercultural arts workshops where communities of Vryground, Westlake and Muizenberg will be brought together,
  • Workshops on building communities through creative arts,
  • The play, Memory which is a story written by Theatre for Africa veteran Nhlanhla Mkwanazi,
  • Women on Djembe which will teach people how to drum on the Djembe,
  • Experience Zandvlei and its surroundings,
  • Walk through the historic Muizenberg and of course take the train to Kalk Bay to enjoy fish and chips;
  • Different foods and wines;
  • The History of Muizenberg;
  • Boat rides on the Vlei and many other activities.

The DA supports festivals like these, as they bring communities together, promote cultural diversity and encourage all to visit the festival and enjoy themselves responsibly. We also note that the Muizenberg Festival is an official World Design Capital (#WDC244) event, which the City of Cape Town is hosting.
The festival program can be viewed at

Media Enquiries:

Ricardo Mackenzie – 078 564 5341
DA Western Cape Spokesperson on Cultural Affairs and Sport.

Motions without Notice – 4 September 2014

That this House congratulates the Vasco Da Gama soccer team for their 1 – 0 win over the Royal Rovers at Parow Park on Sunday, 31 August 2014.

That this House wishes the Western Province under 21 player John Dave Schickerling a speedy recovery after he suffered a serious neck injury during the match against the Blue Bulls at Loftus Versveld on Saturday.

That this House expresses our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of one of South Africa’s most well-known accordion players, Ollie Viljoen, who passed away on Saturday, 31 August 2014.

That this House congratulates the Springbokke for winning 9 of their 10 matches, to date, at the Rugby Championship in Argentina

That this House congratulates the winners of the Annual African Hip Hop Indaba Finals, which took place at the Good Hope Centre on Saturday. The winners include Hemelbesem from Worcester, Treshaan Gilbert, who won the top honours in the U12 B-Boy competition, Tyler Botha and the Curse won themselves a trip to the UK B-Boy Championships and the Eoan Group and Concrete Apostles won a monetary award.

That this House wishes Bafana Bafana all the best for tomorrow’s opening Afcon 2015 qualifier against Sudan in Khartoum.

That this House wishes the Springboks all the best for their clash against Australia on Saturday.

That this House wishes the Western Province Rugby team all the best for their rematch against EP Kings tomorrow at Newlands.

That this House congratulates the Santos soccer club for their 3 – 2 win over Maluti FET College on Friday night at the Athlone Stadium.

That this House congratulates Ajax Cape Town for ranking second on the PSL log with 11 points and unbeaten going into the international break.

That this House congratulates the Western Province rugby team for their 23 – 18 win over the Blue Bulls at Loftus Versveld on Saturday.

That this House commends all the senior athletes aged 60 and over who took part in the Western Cape Golden Games on 30 August 2014. We congratulate the best of them who will be representing the province at the National Golden Games in Nelspruit in October. Amongst others, these include Jacobus “Oom Kosie” Koopman who beat his last 800m record for 60 – 69 years, finishing with a new time of 3:05 and winning a gold medal and David Richardson for winning a silver medal in the 500m brisk walk.

That this House applauds the Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport in collaboration with the Cape Winelands District Municipality, the Western Cape Older Persons’ Forum, Age in Action and Badisa for encouraging active ageing among older persons of the Western Cape by hosting the successful Western Cape Golden Games on Saturday.

EFF Debate Speech

Madame Speaker, the subject for discussion is an interesting one, especially considering the Honourable Paulsen put it forth to the House. It is especially interesting, considering he represents the Economic Freedom Fighters. The very party and leadership whose foundation is based on corruption, maladministration and tenderpreneurship.

Madame Speaker, the EFF’s shaky foundation is further entrenched by its Leader, Julius Malema, who has looted everything from Limpopo, the province from which he originates; and now he has the audacity to say President Jacob Zuma must pay back the money. Whilst we agree with his assertion that President Zuma must pay back the money, we also agree that the founder of tenderpreneurship, the leader of the EFF should pay back the money. We also know that the so called Project Management division, ran by One Point engineering, of which the leader of Honourable Paulsen, in fact “ran” and bankrupted that province to such an extent that the whole province was put under administration. Madame Speaker, never before in South Africa was a province put under so much corruption as Limpopo was. Madame Speaker, here we have a situation in which we ask, pot, have you met the kettle?

Madame Speaker, the hypocrisy within the EFF is so prevalent and obvious. Together with Honourable Paulsen, the EFF claims the Western Cape has not prioritized service delivery and restoring people’s human rights. If anything Speaker, they have blocked service delivery time and time again. Before the Honourable Paulsen enters the conversation of restoring human dignity, he should look to his own party and consider their disregard for the people, and taxpayers’ money. These few people elected them to improve the standard of living, yet, they are filling their own pockets as their leader has become accustomed to, ever since his ANC Youth League days.

Madame Speaker, before the national sitting in which the EFF intentionally disrespected the national house of parliament, screaming at the President to “Pay back the money”, their leader and other members retreated to an expensive and lush Club, in the Waterfront where they gulped down Johnny Walker Gold. (Noted to me: THE EXACT DATE IS THE 1ST JUNE 2014) This was the day after the Leader of the EFF was seen shopping it up at the exclusive Fabiani (NOTE TO ME: THIS WAS SATURDAY, 31ST MAY). This was barely two weeks after he was sworn in as a Member of Parliament. He didn’t even receive his first salary yet but he was living it up.

Madame Speaker, this is hypocrisy at the highest level. The Honourable Paulsen clearly does not know what he is talking about. Mr Malema didn’t stop there. As recently as two weeks ago, soon after “debating” for the poor he jumped into a luxury Mercedes Benz driven by two security guards as he exited Parliament. The hypocrisy of the Honourable Paulsen is shocking. We all know that under their overalls and their façade which supposedly symbolizes “working for the people” they wear their expensive fashion labelled suits.

Madame Speaker, Honourable Paulsen is no stranger to the finer things in life either. He is party to the lifestyle of their leader, otherwise he would not have been here as Mr Malema does not surround himself with “non-believers” of his lifestyle. The show me your friends and I tell you who you are mantra comes to mind. This is the calibre of party who now wants to further exploit the votes of the electorate to fulfil their power greedy demeanour.

Madame Speaker, I call on Honourable Paulsen and his party to stop exploiting the vulnerable, not only in the Western Cape but in South Africa as a whole. As public representatives and elected by the people we have a constitutional mandate to create an open opportunity society for all in which people can live lives they can value. Our goal here is not to be destructive, but to work better together with all role players so that service delivery to the people who put us in these positions can prevail. I also urge Honourable Paulsen not to make a mockery of the democracy many fought for in the past and many, of whom the DA is taking the lead in, is upholding.

Madame Speaker, the Honourable Paulsen may be too occupied with executing his party’s tenderpreneurship policies, but if he and other opposition parties should simply review the Western Cape Government’s Annual Reports since 2009, they would be reminded that the DA delivers to the vulnerable of both the province as well as nationally. Where the DA governs, we govern well.

I thank you.

Motions without Notice – 28 August 2014

That this House congratulates Gezelle Magerman for winning South Africa’s first gold medal at the 2014 Youth Olympic Games. The Paarl athlete ran what was ultimately an extremely clever race to win the girl’s 400m hurdles final in fine style.

That this House congratulates Tristan Galant, a 12 year old from Belhar who was awarded a full scholarship at the Bishops Gate Golf Academy in Florida. The young golfer was scouted at the World Junior Championships in North Carolina, after achieving ninth place out of 157 other international players.

That this House congratulates Manzomthombo Senior Secondary School situated in Mfuleni, for recently winning gold medals at the SA Netball Championship which took place in Gauteng. The u/16 team annexed gold medals by winning the final 18 – 2 against Langebaan High School. This is the same Manzomthombo team which DCAS supported in 2012 when they represented the Western Cape as a u/14 team at the South African National Schools Championship.

That this House congratulates the Western Cape under 19 Women’s Football team who won National Champions by beating Gauteng 3-1 and their coach was awarded coach of the tournament.

That this House congratulates the South African Chess team who participated in the 41st World Chess Olympiad in Norway which consisted of 9 Western Cape players. The women’s team got a silver medal in their category.

That this House congratulates the South African chess champions Donovan van den Heever and Denise Frick who won the African zone 4.3 chess championship in Namibia. Donovan van den Heever won the men’s competition with seven points, while the women’s champion Denise Frick won the women’s title with 8,5 points. Both players will now also have a chance of competing at the 2015 Chess World Cup.

That this House wished the Western Province rugby team good luck for their match against the Blue Bulls on Saturday at Loftus Versveld.

That this House congratulates the South Africa cricket team for their seven-wicket win over the Aussies in the second match of the triangular one-day series in Zimbabwe.

That this House congratulates Ajax Cape Town for their 3-1 win against Wits on Tuesday night, 26 August, at Athlone Stadium.

That this House wishes the senior citizens participating in the Provincial Golden Games scheduled for the 28 and 29 August at the Blue Downs Sports Complex, all the best for the tournament. All districts are to be represented at the games which highlights the physical prowess of our senior citizens, 60 years and older, in the Western Cape.

Dat die Huis die Springbokke gelukwens daarmee dat hulle die Argentynse gety kon omdraai en van die veld afstap met ‘n 33-31 sege oor die Puma-rugbyspan in die Rugbykampioenskap op Saterdag 23 Augustus in Salta, Argentinië.

Motions without Notice – 14 August 2014

That this House welcomes the announcement by SAFA that Bafana Bafana will play in Cape Town versus The Super Eagles (Nigeria) on the 10th September and urge Capetonians to come out in their numbers in filling up Cape Town Stadium.

Dat die Huis die Springbokke die beste toewens met die opening van die Rugby Kampioenskap teen Argentinië op Saterdag op Loftus Versveld.

That this House wishes the Sedibeng Netball Team from the Vaal, Gauteng a speedy recovery after they were involved in a taxi accident en-route to the Senior Netball Championship Competition in Cape Town.

That this House expresses our deepest sympathy to the netball player involved in the taxi accident en-route to the Senior Netball Championship in Cape Town who is now consequently left paralysed.

Dat die Huis die Tradisionele leierskap en verteenwoordigis van alle stamme en Inheemse leiers hier teenwoordig, verwelkom.

That this House congratulates the all-girl under-15 team from Manzomthombo Senior Secondary School in Mfuleni who were crowned the champions of the National Netball Tournament held in Gauteng earlier this month.

That this House commends the Departments of Cultural Affairs and Sport and Education for opening the new sports court at Nobantu Primary School in Gugulethu. The new facility caters to soccer, netball, basketball, tennis and volleyball enthusiasts and will undoubtedly be a base for future sport achievers and leaders in Gugulethu and its surroundings.

Motion without Notice – 7 August 2014

That this House congratulates the athletes hailing from the Western Cape who participated in the 2014 Commonwealth Games

In aquatics:
Sebastien Rousseau,
Trudi Maree,
Jessica Ashley-Cooper
Coaches: Cedric Finch

Rocco van Rooyen
Coaches: Brandon Du Plessis, Carl Preller

Para-athletics: Fanie van der Merwe
Charl du Toit
Management: Karin le Roux (Manager/coach),
Coach: Su­zanne Ferreira

Ashleigh Moolman Pasio
Cherise Stander
Nolan Hoffman,
Evan Carstens,
Theuns vd Bank
Mariske Strauss
Track Coach: Sheldon Bole

Susanna Steyn

Manage­ment: Kitiana (Shela) Lekalakala (Man­ager)

Chris Dry,
Schalk Brits,
Frankie Horne,
Kyle Brown,
Branco du Preez,
Cheslin Kolbe,
Justin Geduld,
Cecil Afrika,
Seabelo Senatla,
Cornal Hendricks,
Warren Whiteley
Management: Ashley Evert (Man­ager),
Coaches: Neil Powell, Allan Temple-Jones

Alexander Coetzee, Johannes du Toit, Esmari van Reenen. Manage­ment: Bernand de Beer (Manager / Coach)

Richard Murray
Anrich Phillips
Management: Aveenash Pandoo (Manager/ Coach)

Marno Plaatjes
Jeannie-Marie Coetzer
Norma Gordon

Quanita Bobbs
Tar­ryn Bright
Illse Davids,
Kathleen Taylor,
Coaches: Kurt Cerfontyne
Video Analyst: Wayne Hendricks

Men’s Team
Andrew Cronje
Jean-Pierre De Voux
Timothy Drummond,
Rhett Halkett
Lloyd Jones,
Austin Smith,
Lungile Tsolekile

Maiden Speech – Women’s Day

Mr Deputy Speaker, for a long time women have taken on the role and responsibilities of both parents in many households in South Africa. The Western Cape is no different.

According to a 2011 South African Institute of Race Relations study, an estimated 9 million children are growing up in South Africa without fathers. From 1996 to 2009, the proportion of living fathers who are absent from their children’s lives increased from 42% to 48%. Mr Deputy Speaker, these statistics only reflect reported cases and have surely increased since 2011.

Absent fathers place an extra weight on women and far too often hinder them from accessing opportunities and realising their own dreams. Mr Deputy Speaker, adding further injury to our women and children is the considerable amount of maintenance defaulters. The financial support of children is the legal and moral duty of both parents. However, this is not always the case and the financial parental responsibility often falls solely on the mother, which in effect is a form of economic abuse against her and by default women in general.

Mr Deputy Speaker, as a man and not simply biologically, but one who adheres to his parental and moral obligation to his children, I commend these women who, through all the adversities with which they are faced, prioritize the well-being of their children. I also challenge every other man in and outside of this House today, to not only pay their papgeld, but to be present and active stakeholders in their children’s lives. I congratulate the active fathers in the Western Cape, but then also extend the challenge to absent maintenance defaulters they may be aware of.
Mr Deputy Speaker, finding employment to support her family can prove to be cumbersome for the single mother, especially with increased red tape. Adding to this difficulty and burdens of the single mother is having to use an ineffective public transport system to either find a job or get her to and from her place of work to support her family. Mr Deputy Speaker, Metrorail has not only caused our mother’s further hardship in cancelling particular routes in the Western Cape but also impeded on their moral duty to work their full hours in order to support their children so that they can live lives they value. Mr. Deputy Speaker a couple of weeks ago I was travelling with Metrorail as I sometimes do, the train got stuck between two stations. I, with others, literally had to help women off the train, the indignity and embarrassment these women must have suffered is beyond comprehension.

The DA has already implemented proactive engagements with stakeholders in redressing maintenance defaulters, working better together with the Department of Trade and Industry to have defaulters blacklisted. Following our engagements with the National Credit Regulator over the last month, new “affordability assessment” guidelines have been gazetted for the credit industry. Amongst others, these stipulate that maintenance payments will be included in all affordability assessments completed when applying for new credit. Mr Deputy Speaker, through co-operative governance, this is what can be achieved. This means that for the first time, maintenance defaulters will now have their credit records impaired. This will stop defaulters accessing new credit while ignoring their maintenance responsibilities. The Department of Justice has also subsequently drafted a Bill to amend the Maintenance Act to make this a reality.

I call on every member in this House to join us in contributing to a self-reliant society in which our women and children are empowered in the Western Cape. Mr Deputy Speaker, when it comes to improving the livelihoods of our sisters, mothers, grandmothers and children, no party affiliation should surface but rather a common goal of upholding the rights of women, fought for in 1956.